Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Of Strays: We Love Them

Today, I experienced one of the most frightening things any stray feeder might face: I saw one of the strays that I feed regularly lying motionlessly and sideways on the carpark floor.

I was terrified. The first though that ran through my mind was that the stray cat had been abused and had been left there to die.

Fortunately, as I approached, the cat recognised my scent and woke up and gave a lazy yawn. At that point in time, tears almost fell from my eyes. I immediately gave it some cat kibbles to eat.

Ask any stray feeder and you will understand our reactions. These community cats and strays might not be our pets, but we feed them, embrace them and love them. And, if anything happens to them, we will be equally heartbroken.

I will like to share a quote found in Rescuing Sprite (Mark Levin):

“Pets are the essence of innocence, like babies. We end up treating pets like our children. Pets are the only creatures who give humans unconditional love. Your pet never yells at you, rejects you, tells you to go to hell or argues with you. They appear helpless and when they die you get angry you can’t save them.”

Community cats or stray dogs indeed fulfill this role. They might not be enthusiastic in showing love, but we feel their kind of warm-fuzzy-love nonetheless. We treasure our role as their guardians, and we try our best to help them and save them.

May all strays be happy, healthy and safe.

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